Rated NR 80 minutes 2007

"Zoo" is an extraordinary glimpse into the life of a seemingly normal Seattle family man whose secret sexual appetites led to his shocking death. The film explores the ensuing media coverage and public outcry that uncovered a secret community of zoophiles, who call themselves "zoos." This expressionistic rendering of how apparently upstanding citizens banded together and videotaped their journey into the most taboo realms of behavior, reveals the enormous gulf between what we appear to be and who we really are.

Film Credits

Director: Robinson Devor

Writer: Charles Mudede and Robinson Devor

Producer: Garr Godfrey and Ben Exworthy

Cast: John Paulsen, Ken Kreps, Richard Carmen, James Chu, Paul Eenhoorn, Forest Fousel, Conor Gormally, Malayka Gormally, Tom Gormally and Russell Hodgkinson

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