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Zevious/The Conformists

10 p.m. Thursday, March 11. Mangia Italiano, 3145 South Grand Boulevard.



The music of Zevious would be the result of improvisation or aleatory, if the group didn't navigate its self-assembled rhythmic obstacle courses with such uncanny precision. While mashing together the languages of jazz and rock, the East Coast trio miraculously avoids the bastardized funk or indulgent noise pitfalls of a thousand fusion bands before. On its Cuneiform Records debut, After the Air Raid, it crafts jagged instrumentals that rock, swing, pulverize and lull. Occasionally, these lock into conventional tempos long enough for toes to tap along — until another detour ties the listener's shoelaces together. Sharing a bill with perennial weirdos the Conformists at Mangia Italiano — frequent home to local saxophone scientist Dave Stone — Zevious may find an unlikely home a scant 1,600 miles away from its habitat.