Rated NR 93 minutes 2011

Forty years from now, in a desolate and indefinite post-industrial future, the population has been genetically altered to live in a constant state of happiness. But what they soon discover is that without contrasting it to sorrow, happiness dissipates, leaving only a feeling of never-ending numbness. Only pain can now make people feel alive. Added to the backdrop of this biological nightmare, this new world has been robbed of its language, and in its place is a bland, simplistic type of speech: "For" as one character puts it "what you cannot express in language, does not exist in human minds."

Film Credits

Official Site: www.zeniththefilm.com

Director: Vladan Nikolic

Writer: Vladan Nikolic

Producer: George Lekovic and Vladan Nikolic

Cast: Jay O. Sanders, David Thornton, Zohra Lampert, Raynor Scheine, Jason Robards III, Bernie Rachelle, Ohene Cornelius, Ana Asensio, Didier Flamand and Kelly Kirklyn

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