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Your Eyes Smile Now, Too


Non-Irish St. Louisans, rest assured that you are welcome to celebrate St. Patrick's Day just as though you were straight off the boat from the Emerald Isle. And you should observe this jubilant holiday early and often, we say! Lucky for you, our local Graham Academy of Irish Dance helps you St. Paddy it up, pre-party-style, with a free show tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Mike Duffy's Pub & Grill in County St. Louis (124 West Jefferson Avenue, Kirkwood; 314-821-2025 or The restaurant doesn't specialize in Irish fare per se, but you should do just fine ordering up some potato skins and a burger. (Or you could have a pizza and quesadillas for all we care.) And to wash it all down, there's Guinness on tap and Jameson in shot glasses. But beware the whiskey — the top o' the mornin' won't seem tops if you're hungover.
Thu., March 15