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You Can Take this Heat

It's just not all in the kitchen


The modern-day grocery store has always been a sensual place, what with all of the melons, bananas, nuts and, well, you get the idea. Yep, the market is a sexy, sexy place. Yet all of this lusty produce isn't enough for the Whole Foods Market in Town & Country (1160 Town & Country Crossing Drive). Just in time to get you ready for Valentine's Day, this grocery is offering a Couples Evening at the Spa, a lovely night out for you and yours to help you, ah, turn up the heat. (And we're not talking about the temperature of the oven.) Diane Van Booven and Casey Gaston lead class participants in making a natural milk bath and bath salts, all for use on the big day next weekend. Plus, a little bit of pampering will happen throughout the course of the class, and everyone will leave feeling more romantic and relaxed. Couples Evening at the Spa costs $15 to participate, and it runs from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Call 636-527-1160 or visit to register.
Fri., Feb. 6, 2009