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Yeasayer/Sleigh Bells

8 p.m. Monday, April 26. The Gargoyle, 6465 Forsyth Boulevard, in the Mallinckrodt Center on the campus of Washington University.



Odd Blood, the second album from the Brooklyn trio Yeasayer, is an unusually rapturous affair full of heavily processed electro-pop and global polyrhythms. Improving on the Day-Glo tribalism of 2007's All Hour Cymbals, the music of Odd Blood seems to bristle and bulge with the presence of a hidden life force — pulsating bass work, the aqueous ripple of synthesizers and a din of dub echo so dense the effect becomes percussive. With singer Chris Keating's unflappable falsetto and the band's knack for crafting big, juicy choruses on life-affirming singles such as "Ambling Alp" and the dance-hall jam "O.N.E.," Yeasayer has suddenly emerged from also-ran status behind MGMT and Gang Gang Dance to take center stage in many critics' notebooks. Throw in two touring drummers and a backdrop of flashing lights, and the Yeasayer live experience should have no shortage of vital signs running in the red. Sleigh Bells, a deafeningly loud dance-pop duo that's been turning heads on its own merits, will be opening the set.