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xStraight-Edgex New Year

Sunday, December 31. Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center (3301 Lemp Avenue).


A straight-edge New Year's Eve will appeal to two groups of people. One, obviously, is straight-edge folk. The other is raging drunks. To a true boozer, New Year's Eve is amateur hour, the one night of the year that, for God's sake, they run hangover-prevention tips on the evening news. So, saucy britches, if you don't feel like boozing it up while Millie from accounting gets silly on Midori sours, come join the young and able-livered down at the Lemp for a night of invigorating hardcore. Of special note on a packed bill is Sleep State, two local youngsters who manage to pack a little melody into their guitar bashing and screaming. Headliner the Pink Pasture, a purveyor of noisy, experimental electronica hailing from Lake St. Louis, might fill your head with enough fuzz to convince you that you went off the wagon after all. But in the morning you will have your memories, your liver will have had a breather — and you won't wake up next to Millie. Hat trick!