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Wrote Free


As an author, Scott Phillips is just optimistic enough to believe the world won't end in 2012, but not optimistic enough to believe humanity will give up on drugs, predatory religions or ludicrous get-rich quick schemes. His new novel, Rut, envisions a Colorado town in 2050: Toxic waste, hucksters and mutant animals are its main industries, and everybody's trying to get out. Conversely — maybe perversely — Phillips as a person has enough optimism to release Rut through Concord Free Press; you "buy" the book by making a charitable donation to an organization or individual in your vicinity, and then pass the book on. Phillips launches Rut at this evening's installment of Noir at the Bar at 7 p.m. at the Delmar Restaurant and Lounge (6235 Delmar Boulevard; 314-862-6100 or Joining Phillips to read from their books are author Jonathan Woods (Bad Juju) from Texas; Chris La Tray from Montana; and all the way from Melbourne, Australia, Cameron Ashley. Subterranean Books will have copies of select books for sale, and admission is free.
Thu., Oct. 21, 2010