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Would You Keep or Sell McGwire's No. 500?



Jeanna Mazzio
Server, Pasta House Co.

"What would I do with it? Put it on a shelf in a case, let it get dusty? I'll take the million or whatever it's worth, buy a place at Lake of the Ozarks, get a good boat and go fishing for the rest of my life, thank you."

Scott Aho
Owner, O.T. Hodge Chile Parlor

"I'd be tempted to sell it, but I'd try to hold onto it for as long as I could. I'd like to pass it on to my son, Cameron, who is 8 years old and already a diehard Cards fan — that'd be awesome!"

Sharon Greider
Bartender, the Summit

"I'd keep it. I just would, because I want it and because I'm a big flirt and more boys would talk to me."

Tommy Halloran
Barista, Pony Espresso

"I'd sell it in a heartbeat. It's nice and honorable to keep it, but if you sell it you're set for life. I think I could work that off my conscience."

Shawny Norris
Server, Zoë Pan-Asia Café

"I need the money more than a ball. I want to move to Hawaii, so that ball would be my ticket and then some. I guess I don't understand the whole-home run thing. There's other things in life that're much more important."

Dave Greene
Co-Host, Sports Central AM, KFNS Radio

"While I understand the fun and other pleasures that Tim Forneris and some of the others that kept theirs have had — trips to Disney World, a shot on Leno — I need the money. I need to retire while I can still enjoy it. I don't know of any material possession that I wouldn't sell if offered a million dollars for it."