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Would the War Have Happened If George W. Bush Had Not Been Chosen President?

Week of April 30, 2003


Frank Smith
Vocals, Derelict Prophets
"Ralph Nader would've started a war on corporate America instead of a small, backward country. But Bush, except for him, I don't think this war'd be happening at all. I think he's avenging his father's loss and, while he's at it, getting his jollies all over the planet. That's what I see: He wants to play with his new military toys while he has them. Very immature."

Vivian Riddle
Organizer, Transcontinental Monster-Truck Rally
"No, because George W. Bush is the only one who's got the guts to do it. We've had years and years of Saddam Hussein threatening us, and this president finally decided it was about time we put him to rest."

Marcia Wolf
Director of Account Operations, Hewlett-Packard
"No, I don't. I think he had that agenda carried on from his father and, my own opinion, it's more an aggressive move by the U.S. using 9/11 as the catalyst to move forward. I mean, if we really think we're going to get rid of terrorism altogether, it's a very naïve concept."

Norman White
Disabled Vet
"Yup, I do. It was comin' over 9/11, no matter who was in the White House. Don't make sense for us to sit on our duffs while people in some other part of the world are makin' nuclear weapons and fixin' to bust our butts. Yeah, we started out after Osama bin Laden and we're still after him. Iraq might've been where that rascal was hidin'."

Heather Barth
Juice-Drinks Bartender, Wild Oats Community Market
"Well, I think something would have went down because of September 11. The American public was looking for some release, and I think that's why we got away with this war like we did. But I don't think it would have been the same war if not for this president. There came a point where going in to get Saddam became urgent, like a national priority, and I think that was personal, going back to unresolved business between Bush Sr. and Saddam Hussein."

Sarah Paulsen
Visual Artist
"The way we've separated ourselves from other countries and alienated ourselves, that probably wouldn't have happened under other presidents. And now we have all these 'enemies' that we didn't have before. There's always things to be afraid of, but to magnify those fears until it becomes a driving force leading to invasion, I think that's something [Bush] has definitely done. He's increased our cult of fear and our cult of security."

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