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Worth His Thwait in Gold


Bobcat Goldthwait doesn't do what he calls "the Grover voice" anymore. He no longer says things just to shock people either, although he allows that his 2006 film Sleeping Dogs Lie does have a "tasteful amount of bestiality." Instead, the continually busy writer/director simply talks about the world as he sees it, parsing the hypocrisy and inanity of modern life with the same machete wit that liberated Shakes the Clown from the clown-comedy ghetto and slashed the American dream of instant, unjustified fame to ribbons in Windy City Heat. Goldthwait is on a comedy-club tour right now promoting the DVD release of his film World's Greatest Dad (starring a very non-Hollywood version of Robin Williams), and he performs at Sevens in the Casino Queen (200 South Front Street, East St. Louis, Illinois; 800-745-3000 or at 8 p.m. this evening. Tickets are $15.
Thu., May 27, 2010