Woman City

Rated NR 90 minutes

"Woman City" is a story about three women from very different walks of life. The story begins in Minneapolis, Minn., where we meet Sharon, Haleema. and Rebecca all experiencing hardships that bring them together. They form an unbreakable bond and decide to leave their unhappy lives and start anew. They move to an old ghost town in

South Dakota and make a fresh start. "Woman City" is born and quickly becomes a safe haven for women from all over. Peace and harmony prevail until the locals get restless as more women arrive. Tensions rise and the ghosts of their past begin to haunt the women. Battle lines are drawn as the women fight for freedom and justice.

Film Credits

Official Site: www.womancitymovie.com

Director: Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra

Writer: Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra

Producer: Sidi Cherkawi Benzahra and Thomas Olan Dershem

Cast: Natalie Howe, Monica Marie Johnson, Sarah Lappin, Mary Newsome, Amber Bowser, Suzana Sburlan, Allen Burns, Lenny Rose, Peggy Lord Chilton and James D'Kristian

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