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Wolves Howl and Wine


If wolves were wine drinkers, today's professional wine tasters would have to step aside. It is through the nose that the aromas, perceived flavors and general characteristics of a wine are tasted, and wolves have a much keener sense of smell than man. In good weather conditions, a wolf can smell its prey from nearly two miles away! While wolves have long been in competition with man for territory, we're fortunate that they have left the wine tasting to us. This Wednesday, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., the Endangered Wolf Center (6750 Tyson Valley Road, Eureka; 636-938-5900 or opens its season of summer events with the Wine & Cheese Howl, an evening of wine and cheese tasting accompanied by an appreciative chorus of howls from the many wolves the center has saved. Admission is $22, and the event is for ages 21 and older, so leave the pups at home.
Wed., June 19, 2013