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Wolf Eyes

8 p.m. Thursday, June 26. 2 Cents Plain, 1114 Olive Street



It takes a North American timber wolf approximately seven minutes to track, catch and fully dismember an adult deer. Detroit noise band Wolf Eyes is capable of doing the same to an adult human's eardrums in two minutes and twelve seconds, as proven by the blood-splattering, hand-caught-in-a-lawnmower cacophony of "Rusted Mange" from the group's 2006 Sub Pop release Human Animal. When not pouncing on its listeners, the band spends most of its time twiddling knobs and bending circuits to create eerie, prowling, ambient dirges (think if Halloween spooky-sounds tapes were actually intended to scare children). On its current "Suffocation Thrash" tour, Wolf Eyes is crafting tracks for its new album on the road, allowing audience members to witness the arranging, rearranging and complete destruction of new material every night.