With a Friend Like Harry

Rated R 117 minutes 2001

A spiraling descent into fear which begins on a quietly ominous note as family man Michel sets out for his summer home in the countryside with his wife Claire and their three screaming infant daughters. A blistering heat wave and the increasingly cranky children force the family to make a pit stop. In the rest area, Michel bumps into Harry, an old school classmate he doesn't remember, but who seems to remember Michel fondly. Harry, so impressed with Michel when they were younger, even recites from memory a poem Michel wrote as a teenager. Soon, Harry and his voluptuous fiancee, Plum, are joining Michel's family on their vacation. Harry seems to be just what the family needs--his carefree spirit and charm light up Michel's mundane little holiday, allowing him to let go. Yet the friendlier Harry gets and the more generosity and advice he bestows on Michel, the mysteriously menacing his effects becomes.

Film Credits

Director: Dominik Mol

Writer: Dominik Mol and Gilles Marchand

Cast: Laurent Lucas, Sergi Lopez, Mathilde Seigner, Sophie Guillemin and Laurie Caminata

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