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William Sides Atari Party/Giveupnewyork

8 p.m. Sunday, August 3. The Bluebird, 2706 Olive Street



The term "chiptune" or "chip music" refers to specifically to music where sounds are made by synths from video-game console sound chips. Musically, it sounds exactly like you probably remember: percussive stabs and puffs of filtered white noise provide the beat while echoey blips and boinky bass provide the rhythm and melody. One such proponent of the chiptune scene is Chicago's William Sides, whose band, William Sides Atari Party, is comprised of just himself, a pimped-out Atari 7800, modified synthesizers, and various other electronic noisemakers. Sides is touring with fellow VGM artist Ian Henningsen, who plays under the moniker Giveupnewyork. Henningsen's tunes are composed and performed entirely on the Nanoloop program — a game cartridge that plugs right into an old Game Boy system, providing an interface that lets the user access all the sounds contained inside and sequence them into their own compositions.