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Who Would Win in a WWE-Style Smackdown Between Jerry Berger and Julius Hunter?

Week of September 18, 2002


Ron Gagg
Social Worker
"Julius Hunter -- he's tougher, he has more grit. On the news a few weeks ago, he was going off on the suspect in that murder of the little girl in Valley Park -- that tells me he can get worked up. Berger, he's more a gasbag, all talk. I think Julius will take that gossip columnist down in three rounds."

Autumn McAtee
Nail Technician, Dominic Michael Salon
"I'd bank on Jerry Berger. He's a professional badgerer, plus he knows all the gossip on Julius. He'd wear down Julius and then 'pen' him to the mat."

Kevin Kipp
Bubble in Chief, Bubble Communications
"I'll put my money on Julius. I just get a feeling he's more hale and hearty than Jerry -- although didn't the new Channel 4 girl, Vickie Newton, kick his butt? Well, she arrived and he's gone. Now, if they're awarding points for costuming, I got to expect that Jerry has more outfits in his closet than Julius could ever imagine."

Fred Pittman
Chef, TerraCotta Grill
"I put my money on Julius Hunter. He's more agile. I think he works out. Berger, you know, has a little size on him from eating all that pasta and stuff -- I know, because he frequents a couple restaurants I've worked at. So I'll go with Julius. He'll take Berger all the way to the mat."

Kelly Steinman
Health-Care Professional
"Jerry -- because he's dirty."

Simon Byrne
Delivery, Manhattan Café
"Big Julius? No contest! Have you seen the man's neck and head? Thick. And the name? Julius Hunter -- it just sounds bad-ass!"