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Who or What Saved Your Life?

Week of August 7, 2002


Tiesha Jones
Clerk, Federal Reserve Bank
"My brother, Larry Jones. We had a big ol' disagreement about something that could have been avoided, and then he passed unexpectedly, and to just up and lose him without a chance to apologize.... Now I try not to be mad at anybody. I try to be more considerate. I try to live, love and understand, and he's a real big part of that."

Bobby Gavin
Chief Gunner's Mate, U.S. Navy Seal Team 4
"My teammates keep me alive. I stay alive for my son and let God take care of the rest."

Dave Davis
Euclid Records
"The Boss did. There was this one time when I heard "Rosalita," and I was so blown away by it, thinking, 'God, there's more music out there than what's on FM.' Springsteen was the touchstone, and everything else -- Dylan, the Who -- just followed. I was twelve years old at the time, and it was all over after that."

Corinne McAfee
"My son, because at that point I knew I had someone to take care of and that I needed to shape up my life. I started back in school. I set goals for myself, what I wanted to do for him. I had a tough family situation growing up, and having a child, it gives you a reason not to feel sorry for yourself anymore."

Shadow Vitale
Fix-All Construction Rehab Service
"Dr. Robert L. Fink. In 1969 I had a severe head injury otherwise known as depressed skull fracture, and if it weren't for his abilities, I wouldn't be here talking about it. And when I woke up and heard his name, I laughed, 'cause on KXOK at the time they had a thing called Rat Fink University -- you'd send away for this button and it would get you into Teen Town."