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White Stripes

Saturday, Sept. 8; Creepy Crawl


If you think you like the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, you'll love the White Stripes, who make dirty, hip-thrusting Detroit blues, twentysomething-style. The two-piece brother-sister act dresses solely in red and white and kicks out the jams with hellacious spirit, proving once and for all that the home of rock & roll is indeed the Motor City. Hear them jumble up Delta blues and straight-ahead rock in an amazing set that may last for more than an hour and should not, under any circumstances, be missed. In fact, one reason to attend the Las Vegas Shakedown later this September is to catch these garage darlings. Fortunately, we won't have to wait so long or drive so far; they'll be shaking the shingles off the Creepy Crawl on Saturday with the Greenhornes. Again, don't miss them: Three progressively more beautiful albums and a full catalog of standard blues and cabaret covers will make for an ass-shaking, euphoric, screaming-mad time.For those who love to rock: You already have tickets. For those who love blues: Don't be scared to hang out with the kids. For all you trendy bastards: All the big labels are clamoring for this Next Big Thing. For indie-elitist types: The duo won't sign to a major. No matter where you stand, the White Stripes will convince you that rock is still alive and kicking the hell out of that bass drum.