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Which Virtue Is the Most Overrated?

Week of July 2, 2003



Jenny Behm
"Beauty, because it shouldn't be possible to buy virtue through plastic surgery."

Ethan Allman
Mosh Pit Survivor
"People say truth is important -- we should all be like George Washington and never tell a lie -- but then they don't treat it like it's important. So it makes me wonder. Just watch the news, you see all these people that lie and act like weasels."

Carolyne Nakazibwe
Senior Reporter, The Monitor, Kampala, Uganda
"It's chastity, because so often the definition can be quite arbitrary. For instance, in my country some societies marry off their 13-year-old daughters because they think that's right, while others think it's important to put off marriage until after 18. Societies decide what chastity should mean in the community, but it should be a personal issue."

Kevyn Idoux
Stylist, D-Zine Hair & Art Studio
"Probably honesty, because everybody lies about something -- even if it's only their age. More often, we just make up little lies, try to make ourselves look better, because in this society it's all about who you are and how you look."

Clay King
Sky Cap Leader, Lambert International Airport
"Honesty, because on the surface it doesn't appear that honesty is rewarded. It seems that in this society, dishonesty is rewarded. [But] it's honesty that will ultimately redeem human relationships -- bring integrity back in to a handshake."

Trisha Kuyper
Bartender, Rue 13
"That old line: 'Patience is a virtue'? That's a joke, because when it comes to waiting in line for services like dry cleaning or the gas station, or being put on hold on the telephone, patience goes out the window. Today's public is very impatient, especially in restaurants. Everything is now, now, now."