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Dancing around the matter


Right now, the world is at a turning point, and even the least intuitive among us can sense that change is in the air. But instead of cowering away and bracing for a rough ride, isn’t it a better idea to bravely face forward and welcome whatever comes? Naw, that sounds too scary. Instead, let’s pretend like nothing’s going on and just do fun stuff, like head over to the Center of Creative Arts (524 Trinity Avenue, University City; 314-725-6555 or for a dance concert. On the Brink is on tap for today, and this show features COCA’s student dancers as well as alumni from the center, including Alvin Ailey-ite Antonio Douthit and the award-winning Leah Morrison. Tickets for this performance, happening at 2 and 8 p.m., cost $10 to $15, and you can make a purchase by calling 314-534-1111 or visiting
Sat., Jan. 10, 2009