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Welcome to Planet Earth

Please pick up after yourselves


Ms. Day is sure that most of Night & Day's gentle readers are the kinds of wonderful citizens who pick up trash while walking around the nabe, recycle everything possible and sincerely love the planet. But every time she steps away from her desk, Day still sees someone not being a good steward of the Earth. What's up with that? Recycling isn't hard, people! Come on! Do you not understand that every little bit counts and that if everyone just did a small something, a whole lot of good would be getting done? If you're not a regular Earth-friendly do-gooder (and even if you are), make Ms. Day proud and get to Forest Park for the St. Louis Earth Day Festival. During this all-day event (it runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.), you will not only learn how to live more sustainably by switching to locally grown foods and owning energy-efficient appliances along with making other simple choices, but you will also discover that folks who are pro-Earth are pro-fun as well: Schlafly brings some beer, bands and other performers fill two stages, and everyone can create some recycled art to take home. For more about the greenstravaganza and about the other activities taking place in the park to honor Earth Day, call 314-961-5838 or visit
Sun., April 20, 2008