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We Believe in a Thing Called Fear


Terror! Fear! Horror! When the creature features and slasher flicks just don’t bring the tingles like they used to, thank Beelzebub for the Darkness (1525 South Eighth Street). Entering its fourteenth year of operation, this haunted house sets the blood-red standard for shriek-inducing scary stuff. Mystic zombies, demon spawn, mummies? Check. Two stories of scary plus a 40-foot spinning tunnel? Check. Gag reflexes kicking in because an ancient warrior has just breathed something called “The Smell of Death” on you and your date? Check. The Darkness was ranked on AOL’s list of the top thirteen haunted houses, so you know this spot plays for keeps. Bring a coat to donate to Kurt Warner’s Warners’ Warm-Up VII to get a discount on your admission, and temper the goose bumps with the resulting warm ‘n’ fuzzies. The Darkness runs full-tilt every day from Friday, October 5, through Saturday, November 3 (except Thursday, November 1). Times vary, but the doors open at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and tickets are $10 to $15. Vampire queen Lemora and the Lords of the Underworld await your arrival! For more information about the Darkness and its related haunts, call 314-631-8000 or visit
Oct. 5-31; Nov. 2-3, 2007