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Wave the Flag of Fashion


In the past, your Fourth of July commemorations have featured Old Navy flag T-shirts, brats (both the edible ones and the irritating human variety) and the deafening sounds of explosives. And it’s not that we blame you for celebrating this way; we know you just didn’t have any other options. Enter Pink Promotions’ Red, White and Blues, an Independence Day-themed party that honors our nation’s special day -- and our fashion. And we’re not talking about the aforementioned unisex tops! Clothes from Girl Boutique, Femme and Adriano Goldschmied are part of the fashion show, and DJs Jimbo and Rob Lemon work to please those eardrums. The party runs from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. at Dante’s (3221 Olive Street), and there’s more information at
Tue., July 3