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Watermelon Slim

10 p.m. Thursday, March 29. BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups (700 South Broadway).


It's hard to pin down Watermelon Slim, a.k.a. Bill Homans. Sometimes he comes off like the most maniacal backwoods-blues weirdo since Hasil Adkins kicked the Campbell's soup can; other times he's as straight and studious as the degrees in history hanging on his wall; sometimes he's the best southpaw, slide-resophonic guitarist you've ever heard. Whatever the case, Slim's an American original, someone who learned his politics from a stint in a Vietnam rather than from a book and who takes his growl and drawl from the North Carolina working class. He gets down to business with a band that heaves and hollers like a Teamster brawl on a picket line stretching from the Delta to Chicago — and all blues points in between.