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Wake Up!

Yawn is anything but boring


Yawn is an experimental and improvisational avant-garde trio from Springfield, Missouri. The group takes a minimalist approach to filling the silence, even as the band employs an armory of more than 40 different instruments -- some of which are handmade, and some of which aren’t traditional instruments at all. On the group’s 2006 release, The Halcyon and the Mendicant, Yawn offers an intimately acoustic sound balanced by a mélange of background noises for a mix that is sweetly demure. The trio performs at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (3750 Washington Boulevard) during the eponymous Yawn Happy Hour, an evening of music, drinks and the exquisite ambience of the museum’s current exhibition, which features works by artists John Armleder and Olivier Mosset (pictured). Call the Contemporary at 314-535-4660 or visit for more information. Admission is free, and the evening begins at 6 p.m.
Thu., June 5, 2008