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Wake and Lake

Discover what lingers beneath the surface


After inches of rain were dumped on us by the remnants of Hurricane Ike, many of us are just plain sick of water. If you've redecorated your basement to include a Shop-Vac and an assortment of fans, you feel our pain. But in order to forgive the water, you must understand the water. The new OMNIMAX film Mysteries of the Great Lakes may provide that understanding. Mysteries showcases the beauty of these inland freshwater seas and delves into the extensive cleanup process to save the lakes from toxic waste, sewage and invasive species. Mysteries also goes deep for an up-close look at shipwrecks and giant, prehistoric-looking sturgeon. The film is showing daily through Thursday, April 16, at the Saint Louis Science Center (5050 Oakland Avenue). Tickets are $7 to $8; for more information and showtimes, call 314-289-4400 or visit
Sept. 18-April 16, 2008