Waiting in Beijing

Rated PG-13

During the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq and the SARs outbreak in China, a love triangle between three cultural identities starts in Paris with George, an American who falls in love with an Iraqi student, Nadia. Nadia is called back to Bagdad when the US invades her country, but before leaving, she plans to meet George in China. When Nadia does not appear for their rendezvous, George is left waiting in Beijing. His luck changes when a Chinese woman, Judy takes it on as her personal mission to help him find his lost lover. However, along the way, she finds that she has also fallen in love with the heartbroken American.

Film Credits

Director: Alan Zhang

Writer: Alan Zhang

Producer: Declan Baldwin

Cast: Kelly Nyks, Steph Song, Tala Ashe, Ting Ting Hu, Robert Lin, BoZhao Wang, He Huang, Karl Eiselen, Peter Noel Duhamel and Susanne Kristensen

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