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Violet Hour: Printer Under Pressure


Those looking to get something different out of their theater-going experience need to grab a seat for Richard Greenberg's subversively humorous play The Violet Hour, staged by St. Louis' Max and Louie Productions. Set in 1919's New York at the dawn of the jazz age, a Princeton graduate hoping to break into publishing is faced with a dilemma; Should his first venture be the publication of a massive tome penned by an old college pal, or the spicy memoirs of a former lover? The story takes a dive into surrealism, when a mystery machine arrives at the office and begins printing out page after page of books from the future, detailing the fates of his college chum and the mistress. The Violet Hour will be performed this Wednesday at 8 p.m. at COCA (524 Trinity Avenue, University City; 314-725-6555). Tickets start at $25, and the show runs through September 2. For all the details and to purchase tickets, visit
Aug. 29-Sept. 2, 2012