Vigilante...The Crossing

Rated NR 153 minutes

Dexter is an ex-convict deported from the US, who returns to his homeland to find his beloved community Bakers Village engulfed in crime. Rape, murder and robbery plague his once beautiful paradise. Armed with guilt of past crimes and passion for his birthplace, Dexter takes on the mission of Vigilante. Dexter mercilessly seeks to eradicate Bakers Village of criminals. On this very ruthless path, he meets Amy, a white Barbadian woman on a similar mission. Their worlds collide. As their paths cross, the historical cap of racial, class and social prejudice violently erupts and threatens the mission. Love, hate, passion, guilt and prejudice all meet head on. Dexter and his beloved Bakers Village are now at a crossroad.

Film Credits

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Director: Marcia Weekes

Writer: Marcia Weekes

Cast: Kirk Brown, Malissa Alanna, Alison Sealy-Smith, Claudette Wadman, Adrian Greene, Kaye Foster and David Gill

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