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9 p.m. Friday, February 6, and Saturday, February 7. Schlafly Tap Room, 2100 Locust Street.



Vicky is not a "she," Vicky is an "it" — a coed Icelandic quintet that doles out a violently sexy brand of thrashing mall metal. "Tender Demand," for instance, commences with a spoken-word intro backed by dissonant arpeggios in the vein of A Perfect Circle, before the band erupts into a super-distorted, ferocious chorus. But vocalist Eygló's throat-straining laments always cut through the cacophony and exhibit range that saves Vicky's music from falling into the land of bleak, Evanescence-esque modern rock. In fact, her vocals have as much in common with Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs as they do Regina Spektor — at least in more tender moments.