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Very Short Stories


MicroFiction is the art of telling a story in no more than 500 words. Said story must have characters, plot, conflict and resolution — it's more difficult than it sounds. River Styx magazine sponsors a MicroFiction contest every year, and the winning entrant receives publication of his or her story, $1,000 and two cases of Schlafly beer (winner's choice). That's $2 a word — or more, if the writer is particularly terse! Tonight at 7 p.m. at the Schlafly Tap Room (2100 Locust Street; 314-241-2337 or; $5 cover), the River Styx finalists read their teensy works, then cross their fingers and hope for the best. It's a MicroFiction Extravaganza, and everyone's invited. Attendees are also encouraged to write their own NanoFiction during the evening — can you tell a story in 25 words or less? Sure: "Never underestimate a hook-handed pirate," snarled Cap'n Hooch. "I never do," answered Garland Wilshuse, gutting the buccaneer with his own hook.
Mon., March 5