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UV Race

7:30 p.m. Sunday, September 26. Apop Records, 2831 Cherokee Street.



Austrailian outfit UV Race's proto-punk waxes nostalgic for the art-punk of the '70s without coming off as a pastiche of influences. The lusty shroud of jangly guitars offsets the discursive rhythms, while organ thrums and intermittent saxophone squalls pick up where Television and the Modern Lovers left off. Singer Marquee delivers nonchalant lines about oh-so-punk subject matter: licking bloody tampons, the end of the world, rhyming UV Race with "stick you in the face" and "cut your neck with a bread knife cuz you ate my heart." UV Race is embarking on its first American tour with Total Control, a band comprised of fellow Melbournites and labelmates Eddy Current Suppression Ring, who draw from the same sleazy scene. With locals Shaved Women, Medical Tourists, Sweet Tooth and Egg Chef also on the bill, the show is sure to sate your appetite for mischief and loud-ass punk.