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Up in the Eyre


Every little girl dreams of growing up a neglected orphan who is mistreated horribly only to rise through the ranks of society, all "Boo-yah!" and whatnot. Actually, that's not the dream of all little girls, but ever since that redhead Annie made it big and stole everybody's thunder, that career track has become an option. But the original Mistreated Orphan of All Time is still Jane Eyre. Not only did she lose her parents, who probably drowned in a fire, but she has to live with her despicably mean relatives. She is beaten, starved, overworked and even denied the pleasure of reading. Eventually, Jane grows older and tries her hand at being a governess -- known also as a fancy babysitter for children whose parents are too busy to provide basic childcare. It is from there that her life forever changes (for the better, promise!). Mustard Seed Theatre presents Julie Beckman's adaptation of the Charlotte Bronte novel Jane Eyre at 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday, 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday (April 12 through 28) at the Fontbonne Fine Arts Theatre (6800 Wydown Boulevard; 314-719-8060 or Tickets are $20 to $25.
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: April 12. Continues through April 28, 2013