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Unwed Sailor

Sunday, December 4; Greenville College's Ladue Auditorium (317 East College Avenue, Greenville, Illinois.)


Johnathon Ford (ex-Pedro the Lion) and Nic Tse form the core of the instrumental group Unwed Sailor. Their newest album, titled The Marionette and the Music Box, includes a series of paintings that tell a story involving a marionette puppet, a windmill, a music box and a unicorn. Each of the album's songs accompany one of the images but (fortunately) not all of Box's songs suffer from soundtrack-itis. In fact, some stand alone quite well with twinkling beauty and clear feeling, be it tranquility, enchantment, loss or resolution. It remains to be seen how the group will translate these songs to a live setting, but people looking for a laid-back show full of pretty sounds will want to check out Unwed Sailor.