Under the Sand (Sous le Sable)

Rated NR 95 minutes 2001

Marie and Jean are a married couple, set in the rhythms of a life spent together. As they begin their regular holiday at their country house, nothing seems amiss. But one day at the beach, while Marie naps in the sand, Jean goes for a swim and vanishes without a trace. Frantic, Marie combs the beach, then calls the lifeguards and local police, who are all unable to locate him. Left with unanswered questions, Marie returns to Paris alone. She attends to her familiar schedule of teaching classes, going to the gym and meeting with friends, but she is consumed by memories of her beloved Jean- unable to imagine a life without him. Tenaciously, Marie keeps the memory of her husband alive, often speaking of him as if he never disappeared. She strikes up a tentative relationship with Vincent, but is unable to make a real commitment. Ultimately she must grapple with her life alone while coping with her erotic stirrings and fantasy life.

Film Credits

Director: Francois Ozon

Writer: Francois Ozon, Emmanuele Bernheim, Marina De Van and Marcia Romano

Producer: Olivier Delbosc and Marc Missonnier

Cast: Bruno Cremer, Jacques Nolot, Charlotte Rampling, Alexandra Stewart and Pierre Vernier

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