Unconditional Love

Rated NR 92 minutes

This film is a darkly humorous psycho-romance about 16-year old twins Owen and Kristen who are so wrapped up in their own world that they're misfits in the real one. They spend their days caring for their disabled mum Maureen. It's actually fun although they long for escape. And along comes Liam - 20s, tough, charming, full velocity, genuinely cool. Kristen fancies him with the intensity of someone in a fairytale. Then Liam takes Owen out drinking. Owen knows as much about pubs as Kristen does about men. They go back to Liam's flat where he pulls out a set of designer women's clothes and, "just for a laugh", gets Owen to wear them. Owen finds Liam and the world instantly attracted to him. Liam isn't a monster; he's a romantic, offering unconditional love, "on one condition."

Film Credits

Official Site: www.unconditionalmovieuk.com

Director: Bryn Higgins

Writer: Joe Fisher

Producer: Bryn Higgins

Cast: Christine Anderson, James Bolam and Madeleine Clark

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