Trust Me (Short)

Rated NR 32 minutes

After her parents tragically died in a car crash, Lily is adopted and raised by Jeff, the driver of the other car. Jeff's young wife did not survive the accident, and unable to bare the pain of his loss, Jeff becomes a religious lunatic who projects his delusions onto Lily and makes her life a living hell. Looking for an escape, Lily becomes a well known burlesque dancer, losing herself nightly in a world of mystery and passion. Her life seems perfect and carefree, but the physical and emotional abuse she suffers makes it nearly impossible for her to have any kind of personal relationships with men. Everything changes when she meets Nate, a fiery young police officer with a troubled childhood that he can't forget. They fall into an affair that spins out of control, as everything they once believed in beings to change... Will they choose faith or fear?

Film Credits

Director: Pete Pepe

Cast: Paulina Michaels, Isaac Harrison, Marc Anthony Samuel, Eric Roberts, Lyman Johnson, Bo Youngblood and Karsen Rigby

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