Trunk Tales (Hapil Sheratza Liyot Hachi)

Rated NR 48 minutes

A young elephant wants to be "the most" - the most exciting, the most beautiful, and the most colorful of all elephants! He's tired of being grey. Unhappy with his color, he goes on a journey looking for colors. On his way he meets two sparrows, who decide to help him. They use flowers to paint the elephant and make him colorful and unique. Happy and proud, our little elephant gets back home, where his family does not like his colors and wash him off.

He wanders to the river, trying to find some other way to become "the most," when suddenly he sees a wet parrot sinking in the water. He dives into the raging river and saves the parrot's life! He is a hero! Our little elephant is no longer just a "boring grey elephant." He is brave and everyone applauds him. He now knows that his happiness depends on what's inside him, not out!

Film Credits

Director: Noam Meshulam and Sharon Cohen

Writer: Naama Kovarinsky and Noam Meshulam

Cast: Simcha Barbiro, Albert Cohen and Adi Kozlovsky

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