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Elves, the pointy-ear fellers we often associate with Santa's bustling workshop and geeky fantasy fiction, first appeared in Norse mythology. Much like sainthood, the title of elf was bestowed upon powerful men after death; other tales throughout history depict elves as efficient shoemakers and as having strong ties to the spirit world. Modern portrayals run the gamut from the tree-dwelling, cookie-baking kind to the enchanting weapons masters of Dungeons & Dragons fame. Whether your penchant is more for squirrelly or stoic elves, you'll appreciate Piwacket Theatre's Mischievous Elf for its ability to combine an original story line and songs with traditional carols. Written by the children's theater founders — Scott Sears, Edie Avioli and Charlotte Dougherty along with Ellie Schwetye — this heartwarming tale of hope centers on three toys condemned to a toy shop's shelves during the year's busiest shopping season. A hip-hop ballerina, an action figure and, of course, one very impish elf come together with the desire to be purchased and find a home for the holidays. Catch the performance at 11 a.m. on Saturday, December 15, at Black Cat Theatre (2810 Sutton Boulevard, Maplewood) with additional performances on Thursday, December 20, and Saturday, December 22. Tickets cost $10 (free for the kiddos younger than two); purchase them by calling 314-963-8800.
Sat., Dec. 15; Thu., Dec. 20; Sat., Dec. 22, 2007