Totally Baked: A Pot-U-Mentary

Rated NR 88 minutes 2007

Following the largest marijuana bust in the history of Los Angeles, all hell breaks loose as liberals fight conservatives to free both weed, and the inhibitions that come from a life without it. A college debate team is taken hostage at their 20-year reunion by medical marijuana activists, comedians rant about the pros and cons of smoking the ganj to stoned out crowds, individual users and non-users recall the dynamics of weed in their lives through candid interviews, television networks showcase promos and talk shows highlighting arguments from both sides of the fence, and a desperate university professor enlists the corporate marketing of a large snack food empire in order to convince bible thumpers across America to smoke up their own children. In the end, is it selfish propaganda that has led to the criminalization of smoking weed, or is this dangerous plant something that must be eradicated at all costs? Join the party and find out for yourself.

Film Credits

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Director: Lee Abbott

Writer: Steven D. Binder, Neil Mahoney and Craig Shoemaker

Producer: Rustam Branaman

Cast: Adam Cagley, Lola Davidson, Dave Erickson, Lee Abbott, Franklyn Ajaye, Michelle Alexandria, Sharon Amos, Ant, Matt Armor and William Atherton

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