Torn from the Flag

Rated NR

About Hungary's struggle for a national identity against the domination of Soviet Communism with special focus on the successful armed popular rebellion of October 1956 that was put down when the Soviets invaded Budapest. A handful impassioned survivors tell how they went from being idealistic communists to being fierce anti-government freedom fighters, and then the victims of brutal repression. Then in 1989, the fall of the Soviet Empire occured that was partly lead by Hungarian activists crossing the border into Austria. Those who survived the crackdown in 1956 and who were alive to witness the events of 1989 finally feel that their sufferings and sacrifices have borne fruit and that their country has been redeemed.

Film Credits

Director: Endre Hules and Klaudia Kovacs

Writer: Endre Hules and Klaudia Kovacs

Producer: Klaudia Kovacs

Cast: Henry Kissinger, Klaudia Kovacs and Otto von Habsburg

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