Top Costumes from the St. Louis Pirate Festival 

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Every year Wentzville's Rotary Park is turned a Caribbean port city for the St. Louis Pirate Festival. The island is taken over by boneheaded pirates, decorative nobles, merry maidens and any one who cares to join in the fun. Here are the best costumes from September 18. Photos by Nick Schnelle.
OF 25
Sven Helgrim and Queen Mab. Sven plays in the Capt'n Black's Sea Dogs band that performs at the festival.
The Fryer, left, forgives the sins of those who enter. Casper LaBlanc, right, is the cannoneer and part-time grave digger. "Ya kill 'em, then ya got to plant them." LaBlanc said.
Elle Walker said her costume accumulated more accessories over the years, some from her mother's jewelry and stuff found at previous Pirate Festivals.
Pam Tucco poses with her non-period goggles and real-frog pouch.
Pam Tucco and Jeremiah Whitmore. Tucco said it took her three to four years for her costume to be where it is today.
Heather Colleen Walker Evenson and Timothy Patrick McCaffrey kiss after being pronounced husband and wife at their wedding at the Pirate Festival.
Anna Marie St. Clair, right, plays poker at the Gentlemen's Club. St. Clair says women formed the club during French and English wars in the Caribbean to keep men chivalry.
I've got a sword, some rum and a boat. What about you?
Vicky Barley and Angela Mayfield are Musical Maidens and go around singing through out the "setting" of the festival: The town of Fort Royal, Martinique.
The skeleton mug of Angela Mayfield.
One of the Ladies of the Aristocracy knits. These wealthy women spend most of their days sewing, knitting and giving away old jewelry.
Captain Ashlock O'Tool McGrath, owner of the axe booth, plays with curious, young visitor.
Kelsie "Kitsune" usually helps the honey wench, but is off for the day.
Victoria Maxwell and John Snow.
A pirate from the "Twisted Pricks" stands on bench being what he calls "a professional bad example." He said that he has a note from the King that enables him to shoot anyone that isn't English.
"Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I'm a pirate, after all."
Augustus Morgan is the "blind, old man" of the town, condemned by the Governor to beg to patrons of the town. Morgan said he lost his vision cleaning the barrel of a cannon when the fuse went off and burnt his face.
Captain Murron Cutter holds her gun out in defense. Her name comes from "on account of what I does to them," Cutter said. Cutter spends most of her time hunting down Polly Ann who owes her money.
John Rochard, carpenter of the pirate ship, sits on a rock wall watching out for the "real" pirates, or the English men. "We're just honest working men trying to make a living," Rochard said in his defense.
Percival Bernaise St. Clair, owner of the St. Clair Gentlemen's Club spends most of his time walking around the town and yelling, "Hello!"
Louise "Franny the Pirate" Hermes says their may be a price on her head from the Governor, but usually stays low at the Gentlemen's Club.
Chara Helton and Jonas L. Nightingale, the pirate ship's chaplain.
The "Twisted Pricks" pirates.
Lauren Ewart works as the "powder monkey" for the "Twisted Pricks."
Lonnie and Alisa Ezell. Lonnie made most of his outfit, which took him two weeks to make, working on and off.
Sven Helgrim and Queen Mab. Sven plays in the Capt'n Black's Sea Dogs band that performs at the festival.