Top 20 RFT Covers of 2008 

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The top 20 covers of the Riverfront Times from 2008.
OF 20
Aimee Levitt asked several notable St. Louisans about their resolutions for 2008 in You Say You Want a Resolution. January 3.
Ghost Boat told the true story of four people who disappeared from the Joe Cool. They have yet to be found. By Tamara Lush. January 24
Live Poets Society: River Styx keeps on rolling was Aimee Levitt's story about the literary magazine that refuses to die. January 31.
7-Up vs. Coke, Part 2: From dot-com darling to disaster, the spectacular flameout of Andrew Gladney. Heir to a fortune, Andrew Gladney went from John Burroughs to Yale and came home to found Savvis Inc. Then he squandered it all. By Kristen Hinman. February 14.
Red Alert: Everything they really don't want you to know about those pesky traffic-light cameras. By Chad Garrison. March 6.
Thousand Dollar Baby: By day Jamie O'Hare studies for a master's in social work. Her night job is anything but. By Kristen Hinman. March 20.
Radio Active: What has Patty Wente done to create such a meltdown at KWMU? Chad Garrison explains the meltdown in this May 8 feature story.
RFT Music Awards Nominees: St. Louis' Best and Brightest musicians. May 29.
Earl Mullins has liftoff. Years in the making, his space museum in Bonne Terre has taken flight. By Kathleen McLaughlin. July 9.
Cougar Heaven!: Unreal goes on the prowl for (and with) honky-tonk older women. By Kristen Hinman. July 17.
Look Out Below!: Arborists from around the world descend on Forest Park for the International Tree Climbing Championships. By Keegan Hamilton. July 31.
Up Show-Me Creek: Blisters, hellish heat, a boatload of vomit and lots of painkillers. It's all part of the Missouri River 340 race. By Carol Szczepanski. August 7.
Demons Among Us: The RFT paid a visit to America's foremost demonologist in Chesterfield and came home with our head spinning. By Aimee Levitt. August 14.
Perverts Beware: St. Louis area police have your number. By Kathleen McLaughlin. September 4.
An Arrow Runs Through It: Bowfishers take aim at Asian carp. By Keegan Hamilton. September 18.
The Veep Fair: Greetings from the Candidates! October 2.
D.I.Y. Now for the Future: The Undertow Collective and Magnolia Summer are using technology to modernize their D.I.Y. creative vision. By Annie Zaleski. November 6.
Mistress of Horror: Nobody writes vampire novels the way St. Louis' Laurell K. Hamilton does – and yes, there's lots of sex. By Aimee Levitt. November 20.
Aimee Levitt asked several notable St. Louisans about their resolutions for 2008 in You Say You Want a Resolution. January 3.