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Todd Rundgren

7 p.m. Friday, September 10. Roberts Orpheum Theater, 416 North Ninth Street.



A world without Todd Rundgren would be one where synthesizers and rock music were acquaintances rather than soul mates. Cruise lines would be forced to use Buster Poindexter's "Hot Hot Hot" in advertisements in absence of Rundgren's beach-bum anthem, "Bang the Drum All Day." Meat Loaf would have never crafted seminal Rundgren-produced epic Bat Out of Hell, meaning no "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" and the end of coed karaoke duets as we know them. To honor his prolific career — and mere existence — Todd Rundgren's current tour focuses upon two moderately obscure selections from his catalog: Todd, his 1974 prog-soft-rock take on Pet Sounds, and 1981's Healing, his introspective bridge between new age and new wave. Neither album carries the weight of his more successful works Runt or Something/Anything?, but God only knows where we'd be without them.