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Toast the Provost of Ghosts


No offense to the low-whistling, wall-thumping specter that haunts the RFT editorial department ('sup, dude? Please stop scaring the ever-loving poop out of us), but ghosts are kind of a mixed bag. For every bad-ass, couch-levitating poltergeist, there's a guy in a ratty bedsheet going, "Woooooo." Fortunately, the ghosts in journalist Robbi Courtaway's Spirits of Saint Louis: A Ghostly Guide to the Mound City's Unearthly Activities are both frightening and fascinating. The author signs copies of Spirits of Saint Louis from 5:30 to 8 p.m. tonight at the Saint Louis Symphony Showhouse & Gardens' Cabanne House (5300 Lindell Boulevard; 314-286-4468 or as part of its Thursday Twilight Evenings series. Your $12 ticket includes a tour of the gorgeously renovated home and its attendant gardens, with proceeds going to the SLSO's community-education and outreach programs. The editorial-department ghost would like us to close with, "Ghosts need love, too." And we're complying, because maybe that'll make him go away, which would be great. We're nearly out of backup pants.
Thu., Oct. 12