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To Sip, Perchance to Learn


The Delmar Restaurant & Lounge (6235 Delmar Boulevard) has long been a favorite haunt of ours. It's the ideal lounge: The main room looks like something out of a '40s noir film, the crowd is hip without being pretentious -- and when DJ Crucial or DJ Chilly-C gets behind the turntables, it's on, son. The Delmar takes the "restaurant" part of its name seriously, too, turning out delicious fare night after night. At the Delmar Wine Tasting, the Loop hot-spot teams up with Major Brands for a few hours of oenophilic delight. Major Brands representative Adam Bourke introduces some out-of-the-ordinary wines (you'll sample a sparkling wine, three whites, five reds and an ice wine), and the Delmar provides appetizer-size bites to complement the beverages. All of the evening's wines will be available for purchase at just 10 percent above cost -- a great deal. The fun officially begins at 7:30 p.m. (although the early bird gets more wine, as the Delmar is pouring its house vintages from 7 to 7:30 p.m.), and tickets are $27. Space is limited to 32 attendees, so call 314-725-6565 to reserve your spot in advance.
Tue., April 24