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Tiny's Dilemma

(Private Residence, University City)


Tiny said she'd tried talking to him about it but he was already out cold. Something about being on the phone with his ex-girlfriend earlier that night — she wanted to know what that was all about. But by then he'd drunk more than he could remember and was lying facedown on the bed with the pillow on his head. The next morning, he said, he woke up to find his scrotum glued to his thigh. She later told him that she'd only meant to squeeze out a little but the tube had spilled. She didn't mean it to turn out like it did. (It peeled off a layer of skin, he claimed.) "I'd rather she just took a knife and stuck me with it," he said, chuckling.

Something very similar happened to some guy a few months before and made the national news. Had his girlfriend read about it? Tiny didn't know. Maybe it's an epidemic.