Tiny Totem Animal Pilgrimage to the Tick Tock Tavern 

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It was a cold morning, but that didn't stop the animal lovers who came out to the Tiny Totem Animal Pilgrimage. The parade-goers pulled totems representing their spirit animals from Tower Grove park, down South Grand, and back up to the Tick Tock Tavern. Some of the proceeds were donated to the Artica festival.

Photos by Micah Usher for the Riverfront Times.

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OF 33
Rebecca Bodicky and her spirit animal Scooby-Doo.
Din Ju-An and his many-colored costume
Parade-goers making their way out of Tower Grove Park.
Elisa Sugar carrying her totem float out of the park.
Keith pulling his salmon float.
Mike Pagano drumming a beat for Bunny Love, who was a rabbit dressed as a toucan pulling his spirit animal of a carrot.
Ashley Glenn, whose spirit animal was the ant, served up ants on a log.
A parade goer with her tiny totem of a goose that laid golden eggs.
Barkley's alien totem.
Rotary Youth Exchange Students Dylan, Bunny Love, Juliana, Rich, Fernando, Agota, Tanja, and Ore.
Bill Kranz and his totem wand.
Rachel Gray and Corey Perkins watch Keith pull his handmade Salmon totem while Bill Kranz takes a photo.
St. Francis and her ceramic donkey totem, which had to be taped midway through the parade because of snow hazards along the way.
Keith and Sarah, on the receiving end of a wet willie from Nova.
Bill Kranz, director of the Celestial Theatre, Donny Blake, an actor hang out at the Tick Tock Tavern.
Tick Tock Tavern filled with parade goers.
Elisa Sugar and Din Ju-An enjoying the after party.
Lelad Drexler Russell and his sculpture, which is part of a series he is making for a local park.
Hap Phillips, Bunny Love and Bonita at the Tick Tock after the parade.
Kelli paying homage to the relic of the jackalope.
Sarah Heck holding her spirit animal, a raven made of a champagne cork in a tiny car.
Josh enters the park with his totem float.
Elisa Sugar next to her kitty totem.
A totem float featuring Beanie Babies and Teletubbies.
Elliott Schmidt poses with the jackalope shrine.
Rocher, the creator of the jackalope shrine.
Betsy found her tiny animal totem while cleaning a horseshoe many years ago and has held on to it ever since.
Thomas Crone with a painting of an owl.
Goat and Betsey. Some totems were larger than others.
Lila Mae and her ponies.
The crowd ready to start off the parade.
A white horse totem.
Revelers joining the parade as Moscow Mule and St. Francis.
Rebecca Bodicky and her spirit animal Scooby-Doo.