Ticket to Ride (Short)

Rated NR 18 minutes

Wendell and Phil are long time best friends and roommates who are perpetually down on their luck. Avid lottery players, the two have played the same numbers for years. One fateful night they rush to the store to purchase their lotto ticket before the cut off time, only to find the door locked with a make-shift sign that reads "Back in 5 minutes." Meanwhile, the store clerk, Steve, is in the backroom taking photos of his show cat Mittens. This causes Wendell and Phil to miss the cut off time and they are not able to play their lucky numbers. Later that night the duo discover that their numbers have hit the jackpot and if they would have played them they would have won 70 million dollars. Wendell and Phil hatch a plan to exact revenge upon the cat loving clerk, Steve, which leads to chaos and hilarity.

Film Credits

Official Site: www.tickettoridefilm.com

Director: Matt Allen

Cast: Daniel Jones, Bruce Williamson, Matt Allen and Travis Hicks

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